Energy Efficiency

A Seal of Approval

LEED is an internationally recognized, green building program. LEED provides third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at stewardship of resources and improved performance, energy savings, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality, along with carbon emissions reduction. Because of the third-party review, LEED is like a seal of approval that demonstrates that efficient techniques and features have been incorporated.

LEED for homes
operations manual

LEED for homes
operations manual for tenants

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A Healthier Environment 

Energy saving features that reduce utility consumption and resident bills

  • Energy Star dishwashers and bath exhausts

  • Compact water heaters

  • High efficiency showers and lavatory faucets

  • Double pane windows

  • Reduced heat load roof materials

  • High efficiency lighting


  • Close to downtown retail, restaurants, bars, and offices

  • Close to transit stops

  • Indoor bike storage for residents

Indoor Air Quality supporting occupant health, comfort and reduced carbon footprint:

  • Non HFC refrigerants

  • Pollution protections in the garage construction

  • Sensor controlled fresh air intake

  • Zero VOC Paint

  • High rated HVAC filters for finer filtration

  • Fresh air flush of the building before move-in

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